It’s easy to pigue your curiosity – the brightly colored dials, the exposed circuit board, the retro graphics, all tightly packed in a calculator-sized device. And how it works is as interesting as how it looks.

3.5mm audio, Speaker
16-step sequencer, 16 patterns

Teenage Engineering’s pocket synthesizers let you play around and program music as you like. They are the epitome of the concept “learn as you go”. Start fiddling around with the preset patterns, punch in effects and you can record your own sequence in no time. The visualization on the small LCD display is a wonder to watch and the built in speaker is more than good enough for the amateur. The different devices offer a range of sounds from drum beats to familiar arcade sounds, and can even be connected together to make a more complete tune.

At such an affordable price, the design is quite a clever solution to the demographic of curious creatives, musical or not, technologically advanced or not.

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