There is something admirable in creators who have mastered the making of great products. The passion and the dedication, the countless iteration and the mistakes, all add up to their experience to make products better and better. 

N. C. Madsen

Vifa has been working quietly to perfect its craft since 1933, building loudspeakers for many high-end brands in a small, Danish countryside village. Finally, in 2014, they launched their own products, marrying their technological know-how with a modern Nordic design sense. 


Oslo is subtle. It has an intimacy and warmth. It is down to earth, fitting right in with your interior. But it sure is a statement piece. The diecast one-piece aluminum frame creates a large handle for easy moving. And the body is encased in a wool fabric specially designed to let sound through, made by none other than Kvadrat, the leader in design textiles. On the front is nothing but the essential, just two embroidered volume buttons and a LED status indicator. The finishing is exceptional, showing a heart warming touch of care that few products see today. 

Frequency Response
Drive Units
268 x 181 x 90 mm
Bluetooth 4.0, AUX 3.5 mm, NFC
55 Hz - 18 kHz @ +/- 3 db
2 x 50 mm Fullrange, 2 x 65 mm Woofer
Oslo, Power Supply, Mini jack cable, Bag

And it sounds as great as it looks. With four drivers in total, the sound is natural and uncompressed, surpassing all expectations from a wireless, portable device. Solid bass, pristine highs and clear, detailed mids. Thanks to the iPhone application you can also personalize the characteristics of the sound to your liking.


We were pleasantly surprised by the Vifa Oslo. It’s one of the best portable bluetooth speaker we’ve heard – though it is pricey – and you can get it in a variety of different colours, too!


The Oslo has a luscious smooth midrange and tight bass. It's not a speaker to rock the house although it plays loud. If you like jazz, jazz vocals, and classical music, you will love this speaker.

@Allan L. Rosenzweig

Amazing quality construction and excellent sound. Super easy to connect with Bluetooth from all devices. Wonderful packaging. Favorite portable speaker i have ever owned. It's true heirloom item.

@craig Erickson

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