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How many times have you walked down the perfume aisle and got too overwhelmed? Luxury perfumes bombard you with superfluous advertising campaigns and exploding top notes. But it should not be an act of consumerism. We can make the choice to understand, try and think. This is an underlying vision of the nonconformist brand Le Labo. 

Fabrice Penot & Edouard Roschi

Le Labo offers an antidote to the obsession with hype. Their fragrances are designed and crafted to last, with a delicate balance of top, middle and base notes. Top notes are fresh and light and last for 15 minutes, while warm and balancing middle notes unfold on the skin after the top notes linger off. Base notes are the longest lasting, where grounding, deep and rich aroma helps boost the staying power of the top and middle notes.

It’s a work of substance, with layers of scent building up to the whole identity. Soulful, sensual and long-lasting. Using only the highest quality ingredients from around the world, Le Labo’s bespoke fragrance mixers create each composition on demand, and seal it with personalized labels that complete its artfulness and minimalist style. All done in their beautiful store that feels like an old fashioned apothecary yet a modern neighborhood bar. 

Le Labo has released just over a dozen fine fragrances, made into a collection of perfumes, home scents and body care products. The number in the title refers to the number of notes while the name is taken from the ingredient in the highest concentration. Because of their complex composition, the names are not necessarily related to what they smell like.


Vetiver 46 was created by Mark Buxton and released in 2006. Haitian vetiver, pepper and cedar give the fragrance a woodiness and an intriguing, spicy sweetness, while a hint of olibanum incense adds a graceful dimension. Then its warm edges of clove and gaiac wood slowly take center stage, and remain rather unchanging. The fragrance keeps smelling better as its more sensitive side of vanilla hovers about. It connotes feelings of strength, elegance and grandeur.

NotesVetiver, Bergamot, Black pepper, Clove, Cedar, Labdanum, Olibanum, Gaiac wood, Amber and Vanilla

SANTAL 26 / 33

Created by Frank Voehlk in 2011, Santal 33 and 26 have all the hallmarks of an enduring signature scent. It is intriguingly woody, smoky, spicy yet clean and fresh at the same time. A touch of the outdoors with cedar and cardamom, infused with a whisper of watery florals of iris and violet. The creamy sandalwood becomes apparent in the late drydown and continues to change and expand on the skin in various directions. With a high concentration of essential oils, the scent has a remarkable longevity and tenacity.

NotesAustralian sandalwood, Papyrus, Cedarwood, Cardamom, Iris, Violet, Ambroxan and Leather accord.


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