What’s behind the enduring appeal of a mechanical watch? The intricacy of hundreds of tiny components working in unison - the escapement, rotor, springs and gears, just to name a few. And the discreet, comforting, ticking sound giving you a certain feeling of liveliness that many modern products don’t have. 

Roland Schwertner

In Glashütte, a small German town sitting amongst wooded hills and valleys, the independent watchmaker NOMOS forms a whole greater than the sum of its parts, thanks to the team of roughly 260 perfectionists, craftsmen and engineers who have the patience and stubbornness to craft beautiful wristwatches that tick just right.


Their newly-released Tangente neomatik nachtblau is enlivened by a tasteful, elegant midnight blue face, matched beautifully with a black cordovan leather strap. In keeping its everything you need, nothing you don’t philosophy, the stainless steel case is accompanied with a green and silver-plated dial, pointed serifs resembling the spikes on a crown, and of course, its signature neon orange accents. 

Power reserve
Stainless Steel, Bipartite; Sapphire Crystal Glass
DUW 3001
Approx 42 Hours
Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan
3 atm

On the wrist the watch immediately radiates an air of nonchalance. Minimal, efficient, modern and unarguably Bauhaus. Being just the right size at 35mm, it blends effortlessly with any outfit from jeans to a suit and even tuxedo. 

But it’s not only about what lies on the surface. The caliber is the heart of a mechanical watch, and requires an unparalleled precision. In fact, there are less than 20 companies that produce their own calibers worldwide, and NOMOS is one of them. The Tangente neomatik features the DUW 3001 caliber, with a specially developed stainless steel alloy that precisely fit in the one-millimeter space between the two plates, and the NOMOS swing system that guarantees chronometer-capable functioning. The result is a slender and accurate movement that was not possible until now. 


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