/ Dot was formed upon the foundations of making everything accessible to everyone. Our team will be relentless in our quest to actualize our concepts and ready to use as your daily products.


/ The world’s first smart water cooler.

Fifty Three

/ FiftyThree builds tools for mobile creation. FiftyThree is the space to create.


/ We are a multidisciplinary team of makers who are creating the musical instruments of the future.

One Drop

/ One Drop is a diabetes management platform that harnesses the power of mobile computing and data science to empower people with diabetes to live healthier lives, together.

AM Lab

/ AM cleans away the Schmutz safely. AM’s cleaning liquid is completely alcohol-free.


/ An audio design company dedicated to developing high quality audio products for everyday use.


/ For seventy five years now, Hasselblad has been devoted to a very simple task: to produce the finest camera equipment known to man.


/ Turn your mobile phone into a better camera with the Moment Lens, Case, and iOS App. Great for iPhone, Pixel, and Galaxy photography.


/ We habitually surround ourselves with functional and practical things that satisfy our need for convenience.


/ We are a Swiss technology company that sell designer consumer electronics that combine beautiful design with simplicity to make modern life easier.

The Light Phone

/ We design beautiful objects that respect and empower. They do one thing well. Technology should help us appreciate life more. It should serve, not enslave, us.

Teenage Engineering

/ Teenage Engineering’s pocket synthesizers let you play around and program music as you like. They are the epitome of the concept “learn as you go”.


/ World's first whole home wifi system that delivers hyper fast, super secure wifi to every room in your home. Upgrade your home wifi network today.


/ Molekule uses nanotechnology to break down pollutants on a molecular level. Allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, and airborne chemicals (VOCs) are completely destroyed.


/ Wireless loudspeakers for anyone who values exclusive Nordic design and authentic sound. Vifa audio products are designed to use and to last.