/ Dot was formed upon the foundations of making everything accessible to everyone. Our team will be relentless in our quest to actualize our concepts and ready to use as your daily products.

Banton Frameworks

/ Banton Frameworks was born from a passion for design and manufacture. We were inspired by the UK’s manufacturing past.


/ Built on the expertise of yesterday, crafted with today’s technology, our watches are designed for tomorrow.


/ pinqponq is an up-and-coming backpack and accessories label, which combines style, functionality and sustainability. Get inspired!


/ Makr designs and produces handmade leather goods, wallets, bags, iPhone and iPad sleeves, key chains, accessories and studio furnishings.


/ Materials of highest quality, skilled craftsmanship and sustainable, responsible manufacture. That are the values that drive us.


/ We seek inspiration from nature and raw materials which is evident in our products often redefining materials, techniques and forms.


/ We design our own creation, we manufacture with the best craft and technology and we distribute directly from the factory to you.


/ Simple bag to travel Shopper to backpack to overnighter, weekender, office bags, notebook sleeves + functional coats.

Ateljé Lyktan

/ ateljé Lyktan is a long-established lighting company which develops, manufactures and markets luminaires for both outdoor and indoor use.


/ We develop and create exquisite luxury motorcycle helmets and motorcycle gear for riders who like to choose something exceptional.

TID Watches

/ TID is Swedish for time – a precious currency to spend on things you love. That’s why we invest ours on perfecting watches.

Budnitz Bicycles

/ The world’s best titanium bicycles. Built custom for each client using grease-free belt drives, internal gearing from Rohloff and some of the world’s best components.

Stock Watches

/ Contemporary design, influenced by the past and captive to the future.


/ Fabric uses innovative design, pioneering techniques and fresh thinking to create unique and world first cycling products.

Arlo Skye

/ We make beautiful luggage, superior to the best known brands, at an accessible price.


/ One-of-a-kind bags and accessories made from recycled truck tarps and fully compostable textiles.


/ The ±0 brand is something of a symbol that expresses the idea of being “just right”.


/ Shaving is evolving. Never buy overpriced razors again. Get Harry's German engineered blades and shaving cream online for a fair price.


/ Therapeutic perfumery for you and your home. Come back to yourself through beautiful scented rituals.

Emma Wood

/ Emma's designs aim to create a unique blend between the modern design atmosphere of Berlin and the best of British wool traditions.

Y Studio

/ We explore vanishing culture, devote ourselves to linking past memories and modern life, make fine artifacts for whoever is serious with their life.


/ For more than 150 years, the Junghans brand name has stood for quality, reliability and emotion.

AÃRK Collective

/ Tmepieces inspired by the challenge of balancing function and beauty.

Horizn Studios

/ Discover our edition of Bags, Accessories and Luggage for Urban Nomads.


/ The question isn't why you'd build a watch factory in Detroit, it's why you'd want to see American jobs go anywhere else.


/ Our story starts with a wallet. A wallet made for cash.

Craft Design Technology

/ Our business was born out of a desire to communicate the Japanese essence of “practical beauty” for workspaces and schools.


/ MYKITA optical glasses & sunglasses. Modern eyewear made from stainless steel, acetate & MYLON. Handmade in Berlin.

Fells / Andes

/ We design mindful textiles and accessories. Pieces that create a comfortable calm to restore repose and be a retreat in the modern world.


/ Menu’s philosophy is simple. We want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to.


/ We create understated toys for those who understand; they are loaded with meaning and values that transcend time.


/ It all began with a pedal bin in 1939, but since then Vipp has grown into a large family of accessories and furniture.


/ We believe in surrounding ourselves with fewer and better things.


/ YIELD lives at the intersection of functionality and elegance, of high-end design and accessibility.


/ High-quality designer writing instruments defined by their timeless modern aesthetics and perfect functionality.

Han Kjøbenhavn

/ Made to be used, simplicity in looks and innovation in our line of thoughts.

Robert La Roche

/ With its optical frames and sunglasses Robert La Roche has made itself a name by introducing a revolutionary new spirit into luxury eyewear since 1973.


/ The essence of the brand lies in formal, simplicity, premium materials and lustrous finishing.


/ Danish watch brand dedicated to merging time-honored craft with forward-thinking design innovation.


/ We make leather goods. Handmade in France from A to Z. Numbered from 1 to 100.


/ L/UNIFORM varies bags with its ultra-functional models that use two materials: woven canvas and leather.


/ A collection of modern and functional bags is designed for the everyday professional, commuter and traveler navigating an ever-changing urban environment.


/ Swedish watch company based in Hong Kong. We work with geometric shapes, simple materials, and basic colours to create products that measure time.


/ The first end-to-end shaving system designed to help prevent razor bumps and irritation from shaving. Get clearer, smoother skin within four weeks.


/ Multi-disciplinary design studio focused on creating industrial-led products with an emphasis on quality, simplicity and attainability above all else.


/ A renowned lifestyle accessories brand that covers everything from tech cases, small leather goods, travel bags, casual footwear, headwear and clothing. All made in Italy.


/ Fine mechanical watches, built by hand to last a lifetime, designed to look good any time.


/ Combining the precision of advanced manufacture with the soul of craft.